Submissions are currently: OPEN.
The deadline for our current issue is AUGUST 1ST 2019.

The theme for our next issue is JOY. While your submission doesn’t have to fit perfectly within it, we would prefer it if it had some sort of connection.

How do I submit my work?

Email it to us with the subject line SUBMISSION: Title of your submission. Please submit your work as a Word document or PDF. In the email, please include a short bio about yourself in the third person.

If relevant, PLEASE include content warnings in the body of your email. Many of our editors need content warnings before reading a piece, and we do not accept work with extreme gore, or any work which supports racism, transphobia, homophobia, or ableism. As a general rule, work that glorifies suicide or self-harm are also not accepted, but we do consider work that deals with these subjects in an appropriate, kind, and healthy way.

What are we looking for?

  • Short fiction pieces (750-2,000 words)

  • Nonfiction pieces (750-2,000 words)

  • Poetry (Up to 5 pieces per submission)

  • Opinion Pieces (on anything related to LGBT+ existence, 750-2,000 words)

  • Photography/Visual Art (no gore, NSFW, or clearly triggering images please)​

If your work does not fit in any of these genres, please submit it anyways! We understand that genre can be restrictive, and we are interested in supporting your unique voice, not limiting your creative work. 


Are simultaneous submissions accepted?

Yes! We also allow previously published work. However, please let us know in your submission email if your work is either a simultaneous submission or if it has been previously published, and if so, where.

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, no. The Fruit Tree has never made a profit, and all of our editors are volunteers. If any issue sells well, the money gained will be divided equally among all contributors for that particular issue.

Can my submission be anonymous?

Yes, it can. We prefer work that is published under a name, so pseudonyms are also a possibility. Especially as LGBT+ writers, we understand that safety is a concern for many of us, and your wellbeing will always be our priority.

the fruit tree

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